Exploration of Digital Rural Governance: Theoretical Schema, Main Limits and Practical Path

(College of Public Administration, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China)

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    Rural governance is an intrinsic component of national governance and plays an important role in the national governance system. Digital village is the value orientation and action guide of China’s rural construction and governance in the new era. By constructing the theoretical analysis framework of digital rural governance, the digital rural governance is logically explained based on the theoretical schema of “concept-structure-process-goal”. According to theoretical analysis, digital rural governance has realized the upgrading from mechanical to intelligent in concept, realized the coordination from single to diversified in the main structure, reflected the intelligent governance from fragmentation to the whole in the governance process, and reflected the transformation from traditional to modern in the governance goal. At present, the practice of digital rural governance has a de-embedding of governance concepts, main structures, governance processes and governance goals to a certain extent, which makes the direction of digital rural governance constrained, actions hindered, integration restricted, and transformation frustrated. In order to better promote digital rural governance, it is necessary to achieve re-embedding of different dimensions and improve the performance of digital rural governance, and it is necessary to take targeted measures from four aspects of concept reshaping, structural optimization, process upgrading and target frequency to improve the performance of rural governance and realize the modernization of Chinese-style rural governance.

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郑永兰,周其鑫.数字乡村治理探赜:理论图式、主要限度与实践路径[J].河海大学学报(哲学社会科学版),2023,25(1):1-11.(ZHENG Yonglan, ZHOU Qixin. Exploration of Digital Rural Governance: Theoretical Schema, Main Limits and Practical Path[J]. Journal of Hohai University (Philosophy and Socail Sciences),2023,25(1):1-11.(in Chinese))

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