Impact of new urbanization process on water resources pressure from the perspective of spatial spillover

(1.Business School,Hohai University, Nanjing 211100,China;2.Jiangsu Province Hospital, Nanjing 210029, China;3.School of Economics and Management, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang 212100, China)

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    Based on the panel data of 31 provinces(autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) from 2004 to 2019, the new urbanization development index was comprehensively measured from population, economy, space, society and ecology, and the water resource pressure index of each region was calculated by combining the water footprint and supply-demand balance. The spatial econometric model is used to explore the impact of new urbanization development on the spatial spillover of water resources pressure. The results showed that under the normal panel regression, the development level of new urbanization in China was positively correlated with water resources pressure, and the positive effect of new urbanization on water resources pressure was strengthened after further adding the spatial correlation factors. The improvement of new urbanization development level will bring obvious positive spillover effect to neighboring provinces. Based on the perspective of space spillover, the contradictions between development needs and resource pressure within and among provinces are well depicted, which can provide useful reference for the realization of high-quality development of new urbanization.

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章恒全,方静,杨柳,等.空间溢出视角下新型城镇化进程对水资源压力的影响[J].水利经济,2023,41(1):1-9, 61ZHANG Hengquan, FANG Jing, YANG Liu, et al.(Impact of new urbanization process on water resources pressure from the perspective of spatial spillover[J]. Journal of Economics of Water Resources,2023,41(1):1-9, 61.(in Chinese))

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