Experimental study on shear performance of waterborne epoxy mortar and concrete interface

(1.Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research, YRCC, Zhengzhou 450003, China;2.Henan Engineering Research Center of Hydropower Engineering Abrasion Test and Protection, Zhengzhou 450003, China;3.College of Water Conservancy & Hydropower Engineering, Hohai University, Nanjing 210098, China;4.Xinjiang Luntai Changruixin Water Affairs Co., Ltd., Luntai 841600, China;5.Henan Zhihe Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou 450003, China)

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    Aiming at the problem that there is no standard test method for the shear strength of cement-based repair material and concrete interface, a double L direct shear test device was designed, which can effectively avoid the influence of bending stress and make pure shear failure at the interface. Based on this test device, the effects of concrete surface roughness, water content and interfacial agent type on the shear strength of mortar-concrete interface were studied. The results show that moderate roughness treatment is conducive to the improvement of shear strength, and the shear strength decreases when the roughness is too large. The higher the surface moisture content of concrete, the lower the interfacial shear strength will be, and the surface moisture content has a significant influence on the shear strength. The use of interfacial agent can strengthen the structure of interface transition zone, and the selection of appropriate interfacial agent according to the dry and wet conditions of concrete surface is helpful to improve the shear performance of the bonding interface.

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张雷,黄飞亚,张英豪,等.水性环氧砂浆与混凝土界面剪切性能试验研究[J].水利水电科技进展,2023,43(2):39-43.(ZHANG Lei, HUANG Feiya, ZHANG Yinghao, et al. Experimental study on shear performance of waterborne epoxy mortar and concrete interface[J]. Advances in Science and Technology of Water Resources,2023,43(2):39-43.(in Chinese))

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