Statistics and preliminary analysis for typical landslide dams in China in past decade

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    The geological disaster chain related to landslide dams has caused a lot of economic losses and casualties to China every year. Based on data statistics, the triggering factors and distribution rules of landslide dams in China in the past 10 years were analyzed. The results show that, there has been more than 100 recorded landslide dams in China. Earthquakes and heavy rainfalls are the main trigger factors, since they account for more than 90% of the total statistics. In terms of geographical distribution, Southwestern China is the heavy disaster-area of hazards related to landslide dams, and the landslide dam number accounts for more than 80% of the total statistics. The number of landslide dams in Sichuan Province is far more than that of other provinces, as it has suffered from the Wenchuan earthquake and the Lushan earthquake. Taiwan Province ranks the second, since there are 11 landslide dams recorded in the past 10 years due to the impact of typhoons yearly, accounting for 10. 2% of the total, followed by Yunnan, Chongqing and other provinces. In terms of temporal distribution, the number of landslide dams is basically fluctuating within the normal range except for the year 2008.

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罗辉,邓创,赵高文.2008—2017年中国典型滑坡堰塞坝(湖)灾害事件统计与初步分析[J].水利水电科技进展,2020,40(1):17-24.(LUO Hui, DENG Chuang, ZHAO Gaowen. Statistics and preliminary analysis for typical landslide dams in China in past decade[J]. Advances in Science and Technology of Water Resources,2020,40(1):17-24.(in Chinese))

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