Influencing factors of watershed ecological compensation efficiency based on system dynamics

(Business School, Hohai University, Nanjing 211100, China)

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X24; TV213.4

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    In order to analyze the factors affecting the level of the ecological compensation mechanism and improve the efficiency of ecological compensation in the river basin, on the basis of document sorting and analysis, the 18 influencing factors that affect the ecological compensation efficiency in the river basin are summarized and analyzed based on the system dynamics model. The research uses VENSIM software to conduct model simulation analysis, conduct sensitivity analysis on the input changes of each influencing factor, and obtain the influence of each factor on the overall level of the system. The factors are divided into key, important and secondary levels according to the impact strength, and the countermeasures and suggestions for the establishment of the compensation mechanism are put forward respectively.

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杨高升,王巧玲,陆佳慧.基于系统动力学的流域生态补偿效率影响因素研究[J].水利经济,2023,41(1):72-77YANG Gaosheng, WANG Qiaoling, LU Jiahui.(Influencing factors of watershed ecological compensation efficiency based on system dynamics[J]. Journal of Economics of Water Resources,2023,41(1):72-77.(in Chinese))

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